HOLD A FAMILY MEETING Talk to your child about the “new normal.” Communicate that while you are working at home now, he/she still has assignments that will need to be completed. 

    CREATE A SCHEDULE Kids need structure and schedules achieve this. Your little learner may resist at first, but he/she will thrive with order. Have fun with the schedule and make sure there is variety. Schedules should include plenty of breaks and time for recess, inside or out. If possible, let your child help plan the schedule. 

    TALK TO YOUR CHILD’S TEACHER Reach out to your child’s teacher with questions and let him/her know when things are going well. 

    HELP YOUR CHILD CREATE A LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Help your child create their own work space - at the kitchen table or desk. Minimize distractions during lessons, such as the television, when possible.

    TAKE BREAKS Your child has several moments of downtime throughout a normal school day. Teachers break up learning into smaller chunks of time for students. Remember to give him/her the same at home. A quick 15-minute break can do wonders for both you and your child.  Work for a few minutes then take time to stretch, walk, do jumping jacks, etc. then try to work a little more.

    MAKE IT FUN Everything is an opportunity to learn, and being at home with your child gives you the chance to try some outside-the-box ideas. Be flexible and look for those opportunities. Praise your child’s efforts and have fun!

    GIVE KIDS THE REIGNS At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter if they completed their math before their reading. It’s okay to let them decide which assignments they want to finish first.

    GIVE YOURSELF GRACE You’ve been thrown into a situation that is unfamiliar and scary. Your “school day” will not be perfect and that is okay! You, your child, and your child’s teacher are adjusting to something new and there will be bumps in the road. We are in this together and we will persevere!

    Adapted from: https://www.today.com/parents/coronavius-schools-closed-here-s-how-teach-kids-home-t175904