• Overview/Purpose of the Teacher Mentoring Program

    The Arab City Schools’ Teacher Mentoring Program is designed to provide a structural support system for educators who are new to the profession. The goal is to facilitate the new teachers’ professional growth towards the highest level of practice by partnering them with effective veteran teachers who can provide ongoing assistance and guidance. The ACS Teacher Mentoring Program is a one-year mentoring partnership that is built on trust between the new teacher and the mentor. All shared confidences should be kept between the mentor and mentee. The mentor should never make evaluative reports about the mentee to administrators or colleagues.

    The ACS Teacher Mentoring Program aligns with the ACS Educator Effectiveness model. Areas of focus include:
    • Professionalism
    • Collaborative Design
    • Professional Showcase
    • Instructional Rubrics 

    The ACS Teacher Mentoring Program additional areas of support include:
    • Reports & Record Keeping
    • Policies & Procedures