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    What does it mean to be an ACS Tradition Keeper?

    Being an ACS Tradition Keeper means you are part of a team of educators who take pride in the tradition of Arab City Schools.  For more than 100 years, faculty and staff have embraced the ACS Vision and Core Values. We invite all ACS educators to become official ACS Tradition Keepers!

    How do you become an ACS Tradition Keeper?

    • Download the ACS Tradition Keeper Scorecard
    • Participate in all of the listed traditions.
    • Contact the Central Office with your completed Scorecard.

    What are the ACS traditions?

    There are a variety of traditions to participate in that range from attending a special event to visiting a local landmark. 

    1. Attend New Employee Orientation.
    2. Be introduced at Institute.
    3. Learn the ACS Vision.
    4. Learn the ACS Core Values.
    5. Make a positive parent contact.
    6. Attend a Homecoming Week event.
    7. Wear school colors on Friday.
    8. Leave an encouraging note for a coworker.
    9. Eat lunch in the cafeteria.
    10. Learn the Alma Mater.
    11. Attend AHS graduation.
    12. Read a copy of the Arab Tribune.
    13. Attend an ACS extracurricular activity.
    14. Dance the Jig at a pep rally.
    15. Participate in ACS Serve Day or ACS Summer Conference. 
    16. Visit The Pit.
    17. Visit the Crow's Nest at AHS.
    18. Visit the 6th grade hall at AJHS.
    19. Visit Arab's Historical Village.
    20. Pose with Victor E.
    21. Participate in the ACS Senior Walk.
    22. Try the "sauce of the South" at Midas Burger.
    23. Find a coworker's picture in an old yearbook.
    24. Find a former superintendent in the murals at AES.
    25. Visit Alabama's largest outdoor classroom at APS.
    26. Visit the Stephen Tuttle Thompson statue to discover how Arab got its name.
    27. Visit Christmas in the Park.
    28. Visit the original Arab High School.

     What are the steps to becoming an ACS Tradition Keeper?

    1. Complete the 28 traditions in any order. 
    2. Share your tradition pictures on social media using #ACStradition.
    3. Track your progress on the Tradition Keeper Scorecard.  Write the date each tradition is completed. 
    4. When all of the traditions have been completed, contact the Central Office to claim your ACS Tradition Keeper memento!

Tradition Keeper Scorecard

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.